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The Tomatis® Method


The Method was developed by Dr. Alfred A. Tomatis (1920-2001), an ENT doctor who devoted his life to studying the close relationship between the voice, the brain and the ear.


The Tomatis® Method is sensory-neural auditory stimulation training.


Its purpose is to improve the perception and analysis of the sensory message (sound) and allow the brain to function more efficiently.


“We can have good hearing but poor listening”

- Dr. Alfred Tomatis

The Tomatis Laws:


Law 1:

“Voice only contains the harmonics the ear can listen to”.

Law 2:

“When the harmonics are given back to the ear, the same harmonics are restored in the voice”.

Law 3:

“The law of persistance. Maintained Tomatis training time brings long term improvement.

Click HERE for more information about scientific research into the effects and benefits of the Tomatis® Method.

Watch this short video which explains how the Tomatis® method works:

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