About me


My name is Cattleya Paraschiv. I am a psychologist by education and a few years ago I found out about the Tomatis Method. Using it myself has helped me regain my balance and energy after a difficult period in my life. After the training sessions, my friends and clients called me "Happyologist".  Because of the amazing effectiveness of this method, I decided I wanted to use it to help others.

The Tomatis® method has a broad scope of application and can be used for:

  • Attention problems

  • Regulation of emotions

  • Preventing anxiety and depression

  • Improvement of dynamics and energy

  • Improvement of language skills

  • Improvement of motor skill issues (balance, coordination, muscle tone, improving praxis)

  • Singing and musical abilities

  • School or academic type of learning difficulties


I believe in this powerful and extraordinary pedagogical method. It is capable of achieving spectacular transformations and I am eager and motivated to meet you and help you to rediscover your true self. 


Depending on your needs, I will be happy to schedule sessions in your home, your office, or a combination that best suits your needs.


Don't hesitate to contact me!