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About me

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My name is Cattleya. I am a psychologist by education and a few years ago I found out about the Tomatis Method. Using it myself has helped me regain my balance and energy after a difficult period in my life. Actually, the Tomatis Methode changed my destiny and I can say I am a Tomatis product. Because of the amazing effectiveness of this method, I have decided I want to use it to help others and my friends and clients call me "Happyologist".

I have a holistic approach with high non-verbal skills, I am intuitive, compassionate, and dedicated to my profession.

My work has two aspects. With one arm I provide tools for neuroplasticity (sensory integration and executive regulation), and with the other arm, I guide, embrace, playfully develop, lift and lead at a higher level those I work with. When there is a desire to change for the better, I support family dynamics and systems and guide parents and caregivers.

I am AGB coded, with valuable experience with special needs individuals of all ages, and I also work with clients who have a budget from the municipality (PGB).

The Tomatis® method has a broad scope of application and can be used for:

  • Attention problems

  • Regulation of emotions

  • Preventing anxiety and depression

  • Improvement of dynamics and energy

  • Improvement of language skills

  • Improvement of motor skill issues (balance, coordination, muscle tone, improving praxis)

  • Singing and musical abilities

  • School or academic type of learning difficulties


Plasticity and Dynamics of Sensori-Motor Systems and Cognitive Systems in well-being have been my passion for 11 years now, a passion that occupies all my time in the most enjoyable way possible.
Besides my daily passion to deepen my knowledge in Neuroscience and Tomatis-Sound Therapy, I continue my education and am trained by internationally renowned trainers and authors such as Dr. Gabor Mate and Maude Le Roux.
I have attended many courses and training to deepen my knowledge in Autism Spectrum Disorder; Sensory Integration: Occupational Therapy; DIRFloortime; Dyspraxia; Auditory and Light Stimulation - Mind Synergy, Healing Trauma & Addiction; A Master class for Healers; The Power of Connection.


The trainers are proud of me and my ability to touch the spirit of those I work with and help them progress and improve their lives.


Maude La Roux is my “Guru”, my most beloved mentor with whom I meet monthly since the beginning of this year and from whom I learned so much. She told me that I have a gift to give.
So here I am, to guide you and give you the best of my knowledge and skills in brain development, and parenting, to give you unique tools - the most innovative Evidence-based neurostimulation program through Music & Voice, to help your children or yourself directly to stimulate your brain effectively, and minimize listening challenges.


The positive effects and results of my clients encourage and fascinate me,
as they fascinated me when I first offered myself Tomatis listening programs. I will remain eternally grateful for giving me this gift.You have my number, when you are worried, call me and we will find a solution according to your goals.

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