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Audio Psycho Phonology
(Tomatis Listening Test)

The Tomatis listening test is a fundamental tool in the Tomatis Method because it serves to assess a person's listening and self-listening potentials.

TLT is a powerful assessment device. The TLT (Tomatis Listening Test) measures the individual’s perception of frequencies through bone and air conduction and is used to establish a listening curve for each individual based on his or her listening thresholds.

Although its roots are in audiometry, the listening test is a fully independent test. Its purpose is to determine how the individual communicates with others. The test is made up of a series of subtests, the synthesis of which results in the elaboration of curves, called the 'listening profile.' This listening profile is specific to each person. It is extremely simple to do the test. The client responds either manually or orally – depending on the client – to acoustic stimuli perceived through headphones that transmit sound by both air and bone conduction. Each ear is tested in turn. On average, the entire test takes about fifteen minutes and the data are digitally compiled.

TLT integrates a unique and specific technology, calibration and protocol of use. This assessment tool is training equipment and cannot be considered as a medical device. It is not intended to establish a medical diagnosis. The Tomatis listening test should never be equated with an audiogram, as an audiogram only measures hearing thresholds.

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