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Bone Conduction session
Tomatis Bone Conduction Kit-baby3.jpg

After an intake in which I draw up a personal profile for your child, he or she will be treated with special equipment that uses conduction of sound through the bones instead of headphones. So your child actually feels the sound directly in the body.


Playing is indispensable for a good intellectual, social, motor and emotional development of children. That's why I give your child personal guidance during the session in the form of games. In this way I ensure that your child feels relaxed which leads to the maximum result of the therapy. At the end of a full programme, the results are evaluated and you will receive recommendations.

This therapy is particularly suitable for:

  • Babies and children up to 2 years of age

  • (Over)sensitive children

  • Persons with hypotonia (reduced muscle tone)

  • Persons sensory-motor delay

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